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$50,000,000 Target Raise

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BlockQuake Token Presale

A regulatory driven cryptocurrency exchange built on trust and transparency.

BlockQuake was born out of concerns with the current state of existing cryptocurrency and token trading platforms and the lack of a transparent, trustworthy, and comprehensive trading platform.

Our New York City based team has decades of experience from traditional finance backgrounds.  As financial service professionals, our team spans management and advisors across the value chain, from technology, regulatory, investment banking, blockchain, trading and risk management, with global organizations.  In establishing BlockQuake, we have partnered with industry leading vendors and advisors that have extensive networks and connections to financial institutions that are expanding into this space. BlockQuake is uniquely positioned to be a leader as the future dictates a convergence of traditional finance and cryptocurrencies beyond just trading cryptocurrencies and tokenized securities and other digital assets.  It is our DNA to establish a concrete foundation globally and we intend to pursue US SEC/FINRA and CFTC registrations, broker-dealer and ATS licenses, and a BitLicense.

Blockchain technologies and digital assets based on blockchain technologies (such as cryptocurrencies, tokens and other instruments recorded using blockchain technology) have the potential to be groundbreaking.  But these technologies are still relatively new and the complexity of acquiring, holding and selling such assets, combined with security concerns and difficulties with identity verification, can be a burden for many potential users. For some, this burden may be a barrier to entry.  

We believe there is a strong and growing demand for well-structured, simplified, secured cryptocurrency technologies and platforms that support non-technical users. We also believe that the investing community is interested in trading when and what it wants in an environment that will permit investors to manage their investments and cash in a manner similar to what investors experience when using a standard brokerage account, with full transparency. 

BlockQuake aims to be a trading platform that retail and institutional investors and traders can trust with confidence by becoming a secure, regulated, and stable cryptocurrency and digital asset trading platform providing, among other things: (i) improved login security protocols, (ii) the capability to handle a greater, concurrent load with less downtime, and (iii) focus on compliance with country-specific regulations. 

BlockQuake is a FinTech company formed in 2018 that aims to address a need in the blockchain and cryptocurrency communities.  We are a diversified company that is focused on the build and development of a centralized, regulatory-driven cryptocurrency trading platform.  In addition to its exchange platform, BlockQuake intends to add future projects via the creation of multiple companies and subsidiaries.  Some of these targeted future expansion companies and projects include, but are not limited to: (i) a cryptocurrency bank via acquisition, joint venture, or other partnerships, (ii) a media conglomerate covering the blockchain and cryptocurrency communities, (iii) a research and advisory firm assisting cryptocurrency traders, (iv) a private equity venture capitalist arm to assist startups in blockchain and cryptocurrency, and (v) a debit card linked to investment accounts for consumer use.  These projects are in the planning stages and there can be no assurance that any of them will come to fruition.

The BlockQuake team includes advertising and marketing professionals, attorneys with local and international expertise, certified public accountants, auditors, finance and business development professionals, compliance and regulatory specialists, developers of trading exchanges/platforms, trust and estate administration, real estate professionals and website developers, among others.  Our regulatory specialists have expertise with Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements, cyber security, and other technology. Collectively, we have extensive experience in building and developing trading exchange platforms and understanding the country specific regulatory environments. Compliance is at the forefront of our business because of our prior experience.

BlockQuake aims to become a one-stop shop for cryptocurrency traders.  BlockQuake endeavors to provide layers of security for login and withdrawal of users’ digital assets, as well as  integration of wallets across the top cryptocurrency exchanges into our platform.  BlockQuake seeks to offer many altcoins with real-time pricing by connecting with other trading platforms to maintain liquidity. BlockQuake also seeks to offer additional base cryptocurrencies to give traders more choices and to reduce friction as they move between various digital assets.  BlockQuake intends to develop the ability to offer accounts to non-individual entities, which include corporate, trust, ERISA, and other retirement accounts. 

Token Economics


Symbol QUAKE
Token Sale Cap 4,000,000,000 Tokens (1)
Target Public Token Sale Price $1.00
Discounted International Token Presale Price $0.40
Token Type Polymath ST20
Fundraising Target $50 million USD (2)
Expected International Token Presale Launch Date April 22, 2019
Public Token Sale Launch Date Q2 2019


  • (1) During the international token presale, at most one billion tokens are planned for sale at a discounted price of 40 cents USD. During the public token sale, tokens are planned for sale at a starting price of 50 cents USD and will incrementally increase during various predetermined milestones.
  • (2) $50 million USD is the fundraising target.  If the token sale does not reach $1,000 USD, funds will be returned.
  • During the international token presale, buyers will pay 40 cents USD per token (a 20% discount off the opening public token sale price).

Use of Proceeds

  • Trading platform optimization and development
  • Obtaining regulatory registrations (e.g., broker-dealer and ATS licenses, CFTC registration, and New York State BitLicense)
  • Strategic partnerships, potential acquisitions, and investments into future business segments
  • Lobbying legislatures and regulatory authorities
  • Operating expenses

Token Benefits

The benefits of purchasing the token are:
  • Token holders may receive Profit Sharing (refer to the offering documents for details).
  • Token holders may be entitled to airdrops of future projects.
  • Users of the QuakeCoin token may be entitled to a trading fee discount.
  • Tokens may eventually be available for purchases in various retail outlets



Platform Highlights

  • Intending to support:
    • many fiat currencies (e.g., USD, CAD, GBP, EUR, JPY, AUD, SGD, KRW)
    • hundreds of cryptocurrencies
    • hundreds of pairings
    • many base pairings, including more common (e.g., BTC, ETH, etc.) and less common (e.g., XRP) base cryptocurrencies
  • Offering an aggregated liquidity pool from leading exchanges using market-making technology retrofitted from the FX industry
  • Offering both Contract For Difference (CFD) liquidity and deliverable assets for a wide range of cryptocurrency assets
  • Providing additional market liquidity via a FIX API
  • Planning to implement real-time news sentiment indicators for cryptocurrencies
  • Offering the following order types and options, with more to follow:
    • Market Good-Till-Cancelled
    • Market Good-Till-Date
    • Market Immediate-Or-Cancel
    • Market Fill-Or-Kill
    • Market Day-Order
    • Limit Good-Till-Cancelled
    • Limit Good-Till-Date
    • Limit Immediate-Or-Cancel
    • Limit Fill-Or-Kill
    • Limit Day-Order
    • Stop Good-Till-Cancelled
    • Stop Good-Till-Date
    • Stop Immediate-Or-Cancel
    • Stop Fill-Or-Kill
    • Stop Day-Order
  • Trading platform based on high-frequency trading (HFT) equities technology for scalability, performance, and security.  The matching engine has been successfully tested at over 10,000,000 transactions per second.
  • Continuing to undergo periodic penetration testing
  • Expecting to have translations for at least 12 languages at launch
  • Having both a mobile and desktop-friendly user interface
  • Utilizing PrimeTrust, an SEC qualified custodian, and BitGo for hot and cold wallet storage solutions.
  • Maintaining ownership records for QuakeCoin holders through our partner VStock Transfer, an SEC registered transfer agent.
  • Pursuing US SEC/FINRA and CFTC registrations and a BD/ATS license.

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Meet the BlockQuake Token Presale team


Antonio is one of the founders and CEO of BlockQuake™ Holdings, LLC, and its digital asset/cryptocurrency trading subsidiary. He has almost two decades of regulatory, financial, operational and technology audit experience within the financial services industry, working at major global companies headquartered in New York City involved in banking, venture capital/private equity, real estate/mortgage, broker-dealer and insurance operations.


Ray has 20 years experience in building financial, web-based applications and leading software teams in development of applications to solve data management, trading, reporting, transaction management, and data quality issues. Before joining BlockQuake, Ray spent 14 years at AIG, where he held roles spanning from programming to systems design and development and most recently as IT Manager.


Samuel has over 20 years of experience analyzing, preparing and reviewing financial statements and providing decision support services to senior management. He has assembled and led high-performance teams in environments of rapid growth, turnaround and business restructuring and is adept at identifying solutions to various complex operational and financial issues.


Steward is the founder and owner of two successful entertainment businesses SK Creative Services and SK Entertainment which have seen substantial financial growth since inception in 2010. He has over 16 years of event planning & media relations experience.


With over 5 years of experience trading Cryptocurrencies, Sam has a deep understanding of working with Centralized and Decentralized Cryptocurrency exchanges & trading platforms as well as a tight grasp on Cryptocurrency markets in relation to financial markets.


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